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Transmuting Anger


"Alchemy is to transmute emotions, maintaining a homeostasis of harmony and wellbeing"


Through original and effective alchemical yogic techniques of body/breath awareness, you will learn to recognize in time subtle signals that are indicating an imminent anger, in such a way that you can re-direct energy before it actually fuels anger. The energy is recycled and transmuted into joy and bliss.

Detailed program:

9:30-11:30 : Transcending negative judging and liberating yourself from a victim's standpoint. Literature review of anger management. Guided relaxations.

11:30-12:30:  Learning and practicing anger transmutation technique #1 (stopping judging, recognizing the emotion of anger, and re-directing energy so it stops coming out as anger) - Breathing exercises, guided relaxations.

12:30-13:30: Lunch break

13:30-14:30: Practicing technique #1.

14:30-15:30: Learning and practicing anger transmutation technique #2 (same as #1 but more advanced as one recognizes early physical and breathing signs of inminent anger and redirects energy before it actually comes out as anger) - Breathing exercises, guided relaxations.

15:30-17:30: Practicing anger transmutation technique #3 (transmuting anger into sensuality) - Guided stretches, breathing, and relaxations.


In this workshop it is not important to know why you become angry and so we do not waste time in analyzing the possible causes of your anger (this only keeps you anchored in anger for longer, since you are feeding it with your thoughts).

In this workshop it is important learn to recognize in time the bodily signals that are indicating an imminent anger, in such a way that one can re-direct the energy before it fuels anger. Thus one never actually gets angry. Because one never gets angry, the need to analyze the "problem" of anger disappears since there is no problem to be analyzed! The energy that was going to become anger is recycled and used in forms that create joy in ourselves, so one does not only avoid the problems related to anger but also gains in joyful energy.

Everytime you curse or insult someone or something when suddenly angered, even if you only do it in your mind, it is considered a form of explosive anger, according to this approach. This workshop will teach and train you in a yogic technique of self-awareness through breathing and interoception (sensitizing to the messages of our internal body and organs) that will help you get rid of explosive anger from your life.

After reviewing the literature both scientific and mystical on why it is so fundamentally important to eradicate explosive anger from our lives as soon as possible, most of the workshop will be devoted to learning first a few key methods of autonomic nervous system “housekeeping” and then proceed to explain a yogic technique, which in a few words consists of diverting the rush of energy before it bursts into anger by using breathing and interoception in a specific way that will be taught during the workshop. This results in an incredibly deep blissful feeling and karmically it is effectively paving our way out of the mental infernal realms.

For people who cannot divert the energy quickly enough, we will teach an alternative, temporary technique that is also very powerful. It consists of learning to replace our victim’s stance by a fully responsible stance in which we become in charge of our emotions. The first step of this technique consists of replacing automatic negative value-based judging, which only fuels our sensation of having been victimized or abused, with the recognition of the emotion behind the need to judge. Steps two and three will be explained during the workshop. Eventually, this alternative technique will lead to the deepest technique of diverting the energy, as sensitivity to interoception increases.

An alternative technique for couples will be taught as well, which consists of learning to divert the energy of anger toward sensuality.




To Be is the Blissful Reality of Mind. To Do is the Activity of Love. Everything we Do is Just a Game to Recognize the Activity of Love.

There  are no people, things, or circumstances which are good or bad, beautiful or ugly; it is only our emotionality toward them what is there. Wisdom is to remain free from judging, aware of one's emotions. Alchemy is to transmute emotions, maintaining a homeostasis of harmony and wellbeing. Meditation is to recognize the thought that generates the emotion, observing it with equanimity. Mahamudra is to wake up after dying, having a vision of what has always been, is, and will be.


Yoga is a Technology of Consciousness-Energy Developed to Experience Union. It Transcends Religion and Culture.